IB: In REAL Life!



Ki$ aka @Mr_1of1 catches a glimpse of IB in the studio working on new material. Spitting fire! 

"Today; Tomorrow" is an unrecorded and unreleased song that IB has been writing to…here, she shares what she has written so far!

Verse 1: One yes could cure a thousand “nos”/ But one good bitch can’t stop a thousand hoes/ from chasing after your man/ or tryna get in your pocket/ they ask me for a dollar, I tell em I aint got it/ u lookin at me like I’m being stingy/ but these jeans aint dingy for the look/ neither are the skinny for that reason I got plenty/ other issues to think about/ and a million more on top of that to drink about/ I smoke then think about my childhood/ where’d the hell it go? I said I’d leave rap alone if I aint blow by 24/ back then had I known the things that I do now/ I’d be healing hearts through dealing art, shuttin museums down/ but, somehow I painted my possibilities vividly/ I live in the image of the art, not the industry/ no offense taken if you just can’t get into me/ I dream of walls with Basquiats, you’re more like da Vinci chic/ visually there is no chemistry, I get it B/ no need to force the issue, never kill the peace/ I lost my mom at 6, tomorrow she and I could meet/ so should that be the case today’s embraced like an infant seed/ precious children hold on to your youth/ precious mothers stay close to your daughters/ precious daddies, stick around we need you/ word to the holy father

Verse 2: Regrets/ sex, weed, and tantrums/ dreams/ penthouses and phantoms/ life/ love is the mantra/ freedom til I die, fatal reaction to handcuffs/ get up, nigga stand up…/ Fight for your right/ to be dope and ambitious, get riches, and be fly/ black and hoodied up, they killing us on sight/ so let’s get suited and booted/ like its 1965/ I’m elevating my high/ elegance intertwined/ with excellence, redesigning the images in your mind/ once upon a time we was just some other niggas/ now we’re public figures/ frequently seen in pictures/ getting wasted/ haters can’t take it/ told me I was too deep but I refuse to be basic/ I just stayed patient/ now can’t nobody say shit/ addicted to success and allergic to complacent/ I been workin day shifts, nights shifts, and weekends/ so if I die tomorrow, guess I’ll finally get some sleep in/ I will rest in peace when/ you niggas stop reachin/ guess ima live forever, cause chances of that are wee thin/ here’s a piece of Ingrid/ me, in the flesh/ fuck with me at my worst and you can have me at my best/ its the gift and a curse, life’s a risk and a test/ Just pray you get a return in everything you invest